RepRap Prusa I3 3D Printer Kit With Molded Plastic Parts

Name: Open 3D Printer Kit
Model number: Prusa i3
Positioning accuracy: Z 0.004mm, XY 0.012mm
Print precision: 0.1 mm
Speed: 100 mm/s
Build size: 200 X 200 X 180mm
Printing Color: Single color
Extruder diameter: 0.4mm (customized 0.3mm/0.2mm)
Recommended extruder temperature: 210°C(the maximum can be set to 260°C)
Heating plate temperature: 60-100°C(proper winter warming and summer appropriate cooling )
Best ambient temperature: ≥25°C
Power requirements: 220V, 240W, 50Hz, 0.89A
Connection: via TF card or USB
The file print format: STL
Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Linux, Mac OX
Certifications: CE, FC, ROHS
Device weight: 10.5kg
Equipment size: 430 X 405 X370mm
Package size: 510 X 470 X 230mm
Material type: ABS and PLA filaments
Material colors: white, green, red, blue, yellow, black, transparent, orange, grey ect.
Material specifications: 1.75mm in diameter

Packing List
1. All assembly units 
2. All assembly tools
3. All assembly datasheet(document,picture,video)
4. Software 
5. 2 Roll filaments(net weight 1kg/roll.) (This printer is designed to fit 1.75mm filament, for it can melt more quicker.)
6. If you need specific color or  material for the filament, please tell us when you place the order. For example:PLA  Black 1 roll+ABS  Red 1 roll
7. The default plug of power supply is in European standard, if you have other special request, please leave a message to notify us.
8. If you only need machine or other printer parts ,check this:
The plane can’t take lubricating oil,so we won’t send the lubricating oil,you can buy it in your local market,it’s very cheap.

Product Features

  • 1. RepRap is humanity’s first general-purpose self-replicating manufacturing machine.
  • 2. RepRap takes the form of a free desktop 3D printer capable of printing plastic objects.
  • 3. Since many parts of RepRap are made from plastic and RepRap prints those parts,
  • 4. RepRap self-replicates by making a kit of itself – a kit that anyone can assemble given time and materials.
  • 5. RepRap is about making self-replicating machines, and making them freely available for the benefit of everyone.

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Pentop 3D Stereoscopic Printing Pen for 3D Drawing and Doodling with ABS Filament Material + Power Adapter + Manual

Extrusion : hot melt extrusion molding accumulation
Forming: three-dimensional
Print Range : indefinite
Spinning speed : Adjustable
Heating temperature in the range :160- 250 degrees Adjustable
Device operating voltage : 12V 3A
Nozzle :0.4 -0.7mm

1.Prolonged use doesn’t cause FLAC fatigue.
2.The product is lightweight design: a slim (easy to handle) design . Currently on the market there are several 3D stereoscopic pen, but they are not very comfortable to use i.e bulky, heavy weight, is not conducive to hold control operation.
3.Control: . For some of the design and operation of three-dimensional defects pen on the market , we believe our pen provides users to operate when arbitrary.
4.heating coil and a nozzle cartridge design . In the development stage, we compared the purchase of several products on the market and found these products in the strict sense, is a failure of design , in terms of appearance and use.
5.The temperature adjustable design . Similarly, we find autopsy on the market for only several print pen : the temperature is fixed design , which gives the user tries to use without melting point of drawing supplies a great deal of distress. The real product , need more consideration for users .
6.Intelligent standby- functional design.

The product packing list :
1x 3D printing pen
1x 12V 3A Power Adapter (US plug)
3x Free filaments (ABS) 10g each (Randomly color)
1x User Manual


1. This device is suitable for children over 8 years old and adult use; Children should use it under the tutelage of adult.
2. The painting pen nib and the near area are dangerous high temperature area, the highest temperature can reach 230 degree, do not touch the nib with hands or touch others objects with the nib.
3. Keep at safety place after using to prevent from high falling or children touching.

Product Features

  • This 3D stereoscopic printing pen bring your art to life with easy control functions, such as its lightweight in design and has easier speed control.
  • Creating true masterpieces with this really effective 3D pen that will perfect for the artists, hobby enthusiasm and the creative individuals.
  • This pen replaces ink with plastic which melted at a high temperature to create a 3D object instead of just an idea on paper. It can be used to draw in the air or on surface as well as tracing objects on paper.
  • Electric heating nozzle integrated and compact design convenient for maintenance and replacement.
  • Use it just like any other kind of pen by drawing normally in the beginning, with the nib pressed to paper, but then you lift it in the air and the pen keeps drawing.

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3D printer T-shirt short sleeve Pair Look neutral LIN-1213 Dog L

Product Material:
Cotton, spandex, polyester
Origin: China

Size information:
M: Length 65cm, shoulder width 38cm, bust 45cm, sleeve length 17cm
L: Length 67cm, shoulder width 39cm, bust 47cm, sleeve length 18cm
XL: Length 69cm, shoulder width 40cm, bust 49cm, sleeve length 19cm
XXL: Length 71cm, shoulder width 41cm, bust 51cm, sleeve length 20cm

Product Features

  • New model
  • Tight stretch merchandise

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Playing the smart cookie in the industry

For quirky cookies with a sense of humour, check out Bakerlogy’s 3D-printed cookie cutters.

They come in a variety of designs, from Alice In Wonderland-themed sets to cut-outs of couples in naughty positions.

Ms Louise Loh, 29, started the online shop two years ago. She was studying for a master’s degree in business, which led her to explore using technology in innovative ways. “I was thinking of how to create unique and personalised items for customers,” she said.

Besides her catalogue of designs, which includes anatomically correct brains and several cars, Ms Loh also sells customised cookie cutters. A dog-bone cookie cutter with a name on it costs between $10.50 and $37.50, depending on its size.

Ms Loh, who owns several 3D printers, said that the cookie cutters are made at home using thermoplastic. The material is dishwasher-safe, and can also be washed with warm, soapy water.

While it can be convenient to outsource 3D printing to external companies, Ms Loh said that she wanted to keep everything in-house to control the quality.

She said: “A 3D printer is not like a photocopying machine, where you press a button and an item comes out. It requires some sort of skill.” She also added that 3D printing has several advantages over the traditional mass-market option.

“With 3D printing, my inventory can be kept very low,” she said.

3D printing is also cheaper than creating a custom mould for the standard manufacturing process.

“I can also create something new every day,” she added.

Aside from Bakerlogy, Ms Loh also uses her machines to create prototypes for other industries, such as fashion.

Although she runs a cookie cutter business, Ms Loh said that she was never a baking enthusiast.

“I learnt baking along the way. I would say that I am better at making the cutters than making the biscuits,” she said with a laugh.

Lisabel Ting